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Some 2014 UPDATES Monday, February 17, 2014 / 2:22:00 PM

First of all, HIM~
We've been through 3 valentines day together in this 2.5 years of relationship and still counting~
He is so not romantic~ They way he express his love is very simple~
Occasionally, he will bring me out dinner at some cafes~ accompany me shopping~
cafe nowdays are not cheap at all~not all boys love to shop~ he doesn't like but he willing to spare his time accompany me shopping even though its just window shopping~ THAT IS SWEET!!
We are both still studying and do not have any income yet~
I wont expect him to treat me eat expensive things nor expensive gifts every time~
I think most girls will expect their partner to give present on their special events~
P.S.: present here doesn't mean it need to be expensive neither it needs to be bought~ a simple DIY birthday card is sweet enough~
for those who love flowers, it doesn't need to be in a bouquet~ 1 flower is enough to make her melt if she loves you~
To me a present for your love one shows that you still care the relationship and wants to keep it as strong as long as possible~
Although sometimes i might have some still disappointment towards him but the disappointment doesn't last~
The way that we keep our relationship this strong is paper rock scissors~haha~ not eleborating this~it's our memory~ ^^
I love the way he is~ 

Next, US~
 Flora Theme
White Top Blue Jeans Theme
A group of 5+6~ This 11 friendship bond was formed during our team building assignment discussion in our 1st year of degree~
Since then, we started to sit together in lecture class~celebrating each others birthday together~and also having events together~
We call our relationship as 37 degree Celsius friendship

Black, White, Gold Theme
Biotech May 2011 intake graduation photoshooting~
Nothing much to say~ Only can say that WE ARE SO COOL!! XD

Old Self Thursday, December 6, 2012 / 11:12:00 PM
Seeing back the blog that i used to write last time really made me realize how immature i was, how childish i was last time.
Wondering why i would say such things and so such things. 
Even those small cases i would make it seems like big cases. 
Thinking was is too free last time? haha..
 It's really funny looking back at the past of our self and see how much have we change since then. 

woody~ =D Thursday, January 12, 2012 / 2:22:00 PM

MUET result / 1:50:00 PM
MUET result is finally released today..
before, i was aiming for band 4..but i got Band3..
i felt lucky that i have passed..
but when i see that my goal is not achieved it's disappointing..
the most disappointing part is i lack f 8marks to get band 4=__=
no matter how hard i try to persuade myself that im lucky that i have pass, the disappointment, more or less is still there..
trying to hide the emo feeling but i cant never hide my feelings to you..
i felt nice when u actually know how i feel even when im trying to hide it from you..
thank you so much..
at the mean time i wish you were here..
this kind of moments i really need a hug..
but it's sad that we r not together that time..
sitting alone in the office now really makes my mood down..
neither im emo nor happy..
just moodless.. least i have reason to tell why im crying when im watching korean drama =]

the reason we hold on Friday, January 6, 2012 / 11:28:00 AM
no matter what happen..
i will look back at the picture and think back how we started..
and that is the reason we hold on together until now..

p.s. i hope he really sees my blog..wondering how he feel when he sees this picture..

i love the way Tuesday, January 3, 2012 / 12:49:00 AM
whenever you are happy, i am happy..
whenever you feel sad, i feel sad..
whenever you missed me, i missed you too..
whenever you mood is down, i will feel the same too..
but whenever i tried to cheer you up, i don't know whether you realize i'm trying hard to cheer you up or not..
have you tried to coordinate with me or even try hard to pretend and eventually that you are alright? please tell me you did..
have you looked back the message you had sent to me? please tell me you did..
did you realize some of the message you sent when your mood is freaking bad is kind of awful? please tell me you did..
have you ever apologizing sincerely and not perfunctorily even when it's not your fault?? please tell me you did..
there was once.. it kept in my head for this long and i just cannot figure it out why..
my mood was down due to certain reason.. you tried to cheer me up.. but then my mood still remain the same..ending up u got mad and i'm the one who is cheering you up..
but there was also also kept in my head for this long..
my mood was down.. you used the simplest method to cheer me tickle me and i laugh n smile was so easy yet memorable..i just can't forget this scene of my life with you..
i love you a lot..
i love the way you called my name..cause it sound sweeter than any other who called it..
i love the way you hold my hand..cause that's the hand that fits perfectly with mine..
i love the way you look at me.. cause that's is the only eye who will look at me when i needed you..
i love the way you kiss me.. cause the lips i hope to kiss for my entire life..
i love the way we go on a date together..cause that's the time we can spend a quality time together..
i love the way you cheer me up..cause this shows you are paying attention on me..
i just love the way we being together..
even tough there are times that are not that happy or sweet.. but i still love you..
when there are sad things happen between us..i will treat it as a challenge..i try my best to solve it..i believe there is nothing that cannot be solved..
being with you..
you really gave me a lot of challenges..did you realize??
when challenges come..i don't like it..
but when it's over i will think back n felt that i gain another experience to solve a problem..and i will not regret the challenges you gave me..
but be careful.. too much challenges does not seems to be a good thing too..
when a problem is being solve but the problem doesn't coordinate and let the solution to solve it, it wouldn't be solve as well..
there are no sound if you claps with only one hand..
anything we do need coordination..without coordination it would be a chaos..
don't need to be afraid to coordinate late..but afraid not to be coordinated..

life's changed again Monday, September 19, 2011 / 6:33:00 PM
everything has changed =D
our lifes have been even better than last time..
what i did before has been forgived..
and the most important thing is we have been much much sweeter than last time=D
you took my brother out for movies n meals..
this show how much u care about my family..
u hang out with ur parents..
this shows u care about ur parents..
i believe u r a great guy with a very bad past..
everyone is growing up everyday..
what had done is already past tense..
past tense doesn't have to be present tense..
a bad past can lead u to a brighter future..
this is what i believe in..
if u r allow to change..then ur present n future tense will be great..
dont mind how others think..
just mind how u think =D

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